Building Commissioning, Also Known As HVAC (heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning) Licensing …

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This process starts at project inception during the design phase and proceeds throughout the life of the structure through the operational and maintenance phases. The most common types of HVAC certifications are: Building and Foundation Code Compliance (BFC) for commercial buildings and High Valued Maintenance


(HVACS) for residential structures. In addition to building and foundation code certification there are several other nationally recognized certifications such as: Automated Performance Certificates (APCs), Commercial Energy Performance (CEP), Industrial Performance Certificates (IPC), and New Build Credit Certificates (NBCC).

There are several important stages of building commissioning. The first step is the preparation of the balanced scorecard (BSC), which provides the tools necessary to track and analyze the organization’s organizational structure, processes, and priorities. A BSC represents a logical flow model of the organization showing how all of the building components interact to support the operation of the business. It should show what balances have been achieved and where gaps exist. The balanced scorecard helps the Commission to identify areas for improvement and indicate the ways to improve those areas.

Next is the establishment of an accurate, up-to-date BSC spreadsheet to record the BSC results.The spreadsheet includes the summary of performance against the objectives set forth in the Owner’s Plans (OPs) and the System Design Rirchardson Plans (SDPs). An accurate depiction of the effectiveness of the building’s operations and its relationship to the Owner’s Plans and the System Design Plans enables the Commission to make informed decisions about commissioning process improvements.A comparison between the data contained in the balanced scorecard building commissioning services and the OPs and SDPs results provides the Commission with data on which to base decisions about process improvements. Finally, a final report comparing the results of the two test cases concludes the audit of the Building Commissioning Process.

The creation Texas and maintenance of a BSC and an OPR are integral parts of building commissioning.Without the BSC and the OPR, the Commission 75081 cannot make informed decisions about the ongoing needs of the whole building system. A significant part of the BSC and the OPR is staff training. Having the right people in place to train those who will be using the building systems, ensuring that the staff training is current and relevant, and creating the structure necessary for staff training is crucial to the success of the entire commissioning process.

Once the BSC and the OPR are ready to be implemented, a separate Building Commissioning Procedure Manual (BCP) needs to be developed to provide the Commission with the information it needs for the various processes that will be undertaken.The BCP can vary greatly in scope, covering


from the selection of a Building Commissioning Procedure to the preparation of technical reports United States of America or risk assessments to the establishment of an annual inspection program. It is critical that this manual be written from the very top down, covering every single process from the first step of the decision to the establishment of the final report.This manual is an 1651 N Glenville Dr. Ste 201 absolutely necessary prerequisite to the successful commissioning of all building systems, not only in the UK but around the world.

There are many reasons why an audit of the BSC and (972) 818-9000 the OPR is important before the commissioning process. Many of these reasons are simple common sense. Auditing the performance and effectiveness of your energy efficiency plans before they have been implemented will give you a solid idea of whether your plans are effective and if they are not, how to improve them. In addition, an in-depth audit will help to ensure that your commissioning plans are in line with Government directives and that the savings that are achieved are not lost through duplication or redundancy. Finally, a well conducted and independently verified BSC and an OPR will help your company to meet its legally required targets and can even help you to qualify for tax benefits

Building Commissioning, Also Known As HVAC (heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning) Licensing  ...